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26th Forum of Mediterranean Maritime Heritage

Intangible Cultural Heritage

Maritime Museum of Barcelona, Spain

7th - 9th October 2021*

*New Date!

Are museums satisfied with their action plans on intangible heritage or is it still necessary to concentrate efforts for its safeguarding and protection?

Museums are active agents that play a major role in safeguarding this heritage. They carry out works of analysis, research and documentation, and disseminate intangible cultural manifestations related to their collections and themes. However, they may be in risk of being alienated from the original context of creation and development of these cultural manifestations, and of drifting apart from or altering this living heritage with identifying character. For this reason, it is important to strengthen the relationship between museums and the holders of this heritage in order to establish a rich and dynamic exchange.


Message from the AMMM President (Feb 2021)

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