The Sea that Unites

Maritime museum “Sergej Mašera” Piran, Slovenia

28th September - 1st October 2022


Maritime museums and the coexistence of diversity in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean maritime museums tell the complex and charming history and reality of a common sea with a lot of identic and shared features, but also of rich and relevant diversities: civilizations, languages, cultures, religions, traditions, material and intangible cultural heritage, economies, social relations, relation among genders and with minorities…

From Braudel to Matvejević the Mediterranean is conceived as a sea to be understood without prejudices and to make it accessible for all, over the simple e well known touristic product it represents. The maritime museums play a fundamental role in planning wider accessibility beyond border restrictions, the nationalist rhetoric, current national political priorities, by taking into account regional and multicultural sensibility, aware that the management of a common sea must accept its diversity in order to understand and manage it as an additional value. Even more, in front of the daily drama of refugees and migrants who that unfinished history leads to drift, and offend even to death, in our sea and or on dry land.

The Piran Forum intends to devote ample space to good practices of the maritime museums committed to improve accessibility, the inclusion of the less privileged and privileged, the enhancement of multiculturalism and interculturality, languages and intangible heritage that unite the civilizations of the Mediterranean, humanitarian aid, integration, the development of sustainable cultural tourism.

The geographical position of Piran, an Istrian and Slovenian town, birthplace of the great Giuseppe Tartini, situated between the two shores of the Gulf of Trieste, the Croatian and the Italian, between Savudrija and the Karst swan diving into the Adriatic, invites us to reflect, in this extreme northern part of the Mediterranean, on how closely we are linked and interdependent.

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