23rd Forum of Mediterranean Maritime Heritage


The “Liquid” Museum. Maritime Museums in Favour of the Safeguard and Valorisation of the Coast


Cesenatico, Museo della Marineria, 5 - 6 May 2017


Present years are very dynamic and creative for museums. New concepts and ideas mingle with the traditional way mainly focused on collections. New views, however, turn towards other priorities such as the relationship with communities, the “cultural landscape”, or intangible heritage.

Maritime museums are deeply engaged with this change too, because these institutions have an inborn commitment and relationship with their communities, coasts, and harbours.

Museum transformations may go in line with ideas such as that of “liquid” museums, and new questions may arise related to what is a museum nowadays. If we can, in fact, consider a museum as a place or action, seen as a tool aimed at discovery or knowledge, we must not forget that it is also a well-defined cultural institution, with collections, both preserved and interpreted, and with qualified, and non-improvised professionals. And it is with the combination of different roles and identities that a museum can be an actor in the cultural and social field, and an engine of social and economic opportunities.

Maritime museum professionals and amateurs of maritime heritage will debate on this subject next month of May. If you wish to attend free of charge to the forum please send your form to the Museo della Marineria.